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Countries Of The World Ver 2.0

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Learn about all the countries of the world in an easy to use interface. This App includes 196 countries conveniently sorted in alphabetical order. The screen has 3 sections.

The top most section shows the title, as well as a search bar.

The middle section shows the list of all the countries. Tap on each row to view the details page. The details page covers 22 topics on each country.

The bottom section is the tab bar. It has 3 buttons. Tap on the left most button to change the background. This feature is more useful if the text blends with the background image and not clearly legible. Changing it to plain gold background would enhance the text visibility. Other than gold background it comes with 18 different backgrounds.
On the right there are 2 buttons. First button is to refresh the country list. The right most button activates / toggles the search bar on the top. When you do a search and cancel, the country list shows only the search result. In such case, to bring back the entire list, tap on the Refesh button.

The following 22 topics are covered in the details page for each country:
Country Name
Currency Code
Elevation Extremes
Ethnic Group
Exchange Rates
GDP - Per Capita
Georgraphical Coordintates
Internet Code
Natural Resources

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